Welcome to the Future of Metal Detecting...Welcome to AirHeadz Wireless



Welcome to the future of metal detecting.

You now have the ability to "Free yourself" from those annoying headphone cords.

We are proud to present the Passport Modular Headphone system. The Passport is the first headphone system that offers you modular simplicity and the flexibility to choose between either corded or wireless use. Finally, you can have one headphone that will meet both your needs and budget without compromising comfort, sound quality or reliability.

The Passport Modular Headphone System is a product whose time has come. Today’s detectorist demands the most responsive, deepest seeking, state of the art detectors that technology can produce. Yet, simply having the best detector isn’t enough to succeed in today’s competitive detecting environment. Targets are getting deeper and more difficult to hear. Detector manufacturers have realized this and responded by developing machines that are more sensitive than ever. However, the detector provides only part of the successful detectorist’ winning equation. To be truly effective, today’s winning metal detectorist must be able to clearly hear and identify even the weakest target signals.

Let’s face facts: If you cannot hear the signal – You will NOT recover the target!

This is where AirHeadz Wireless comes in. The Passport Modular Headphone System was designed by a sound engineer and a treasure hunter specifically for today’s most discriminating metal detectorist. AirHeadz Wireless has revolutionized metal detector headphones by creating the first modular headphone system that can be used corded or wireless. The Passport Modular Headphone System allows you to have a traditional corded headphone or a completely wireless headphone using the same unit. Our headphone system can be set up as a traditional corded headphone and then switched to a completely wireless headphone in a matter of seconds. Finally, you won’t need multiple sets of headphones in your gear bag anymore. With a set of AirHeadz’ Passports in your bag…One set can do it all! You can finally "Free yourself" from headphones that snag or get pulled off of your head while you are trying to recover a treasure! Best of all, you can enjoy the convenience of state of the art wireless technology integrated into a true full muff headphone, without sacrificing signal response quality, clarity or comfort! The Passport Modular Headphone system is your passport to "Free yourself from cords and hear what you’ve been missing!"

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